Wernikoff v. City of Boston (USA)


The city of Boston has agreed to pay Brenda Wernikoff, a transgender woman, $20,000 in exchange for dropping a lawsuit against the officers who arrested Wernikoff on disorderly conduct at a homeless shelter.

News Report.



2 thoughts on “Wernikoff v. City of Boston (USA)

  1. this is infuriating. its a bathroom case, for anyone who hasnt read it. 😦 he is complaining that the cops didnt call him “ma’am” that they didnt have a lady cop search him, and that they made him expose his chest, because he is trans. he probably doesnt consider at all that perhaps the cops do this to real women too, or that no one wouldve done shit about it if a real woman had complained about identical treatment. and why should a lady cop have to search this asshole? is that in lady cops job descriptions now — anyone who identifies as female has to i mean gets to be groped by an unwilling lady cop who doesnt get to decline due to the city ordinance that requires the cops to be “sensitive” to the “transgender community?”

    fuck this noise. this infuriates me.


  2. oh sorry, its actually a two-fer! its a bathroom case, but the bathroom was in a SHELTER. enraging, times two. women in FUCKING SHELTERS should not have to deal with this SHIT.


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