Brighton and Hove (UK)

The Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel was set up by Brighton and Hove City Council to examine the need of transgender people. The panel has since published a wide-ranging list of 37 recommendations to remove barriers to equality in Brighton and Hove. They included “removing the need to identify as male or female” when arriving at a doctor’s surgery, more training for council staff, police and health workers and providing trans toilets in public buildings. Already, NHS and housing services have committed to training their staff and the non-gender specific title ‘Mx’ has been added to council tax forms.

News Report.

Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel Emerging Issues.

Trans Equality Scrutiny Panel Final Report.


4 thoughts on “Brighton and Hove (UK)

  1. How on earth is it useful or prudent to not identify as male or female when you’re about to receive medical attention? We have different organs and are prone to different health issues. That is not progress. It is bad enough that male bodies are the medical default and doctors and researchers know very little about female bodies by comparison.


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