Doe v. Clenchy (Maine, USA)

Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders filed an appeal in the Maine Supreme Judicial Court on behalf of our client Susan Doe,  a transgender girl who experienced discrimination and harassment at an Orono, Maine school.

GLAD initially filed the lawsuit after officials at an Orono elementary school denied its client the use of the girls’ restroom and other facilities and restricted her participation in school activities. The school had previously allowed Doe to use the girls’ restroom without incident until one of her male classmates began making it an issue with coaching from his grandfather. Maine has a statewide law prohibiting discrimination against people based on gender identity and expression in all areas, including public education and public accommodations.   Maine bans discrimination based on “gender identity” through its definition of “sexual orientation,” which includes a person’s actual or perceived gender identity or expression.  5 Me. Rev. Stat. § 4553(9-C).

Doe v. Clenchy Appeal.


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