Rohit Singh (Canada)


A Saskatoon man who identifies as a woman says a bridal shop in the city refused to let him try on dresses as he planned his wedding.

Rohit Singh says he was looking at outfits in Jenny’s Bridal Boutique but when he asked to try one on, he was refused.

Singh said he plans to file a formal complaint about his treatment with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

The shop owner thought Singh was a man and felt other people in the store were uncomfortable with Singh trying on dresses.

“She said, sorry we don’t allow men to wear dresses here,” Singh recalled. “I said I’m not a man, I’m transgender.”

Singh says he has started the process for a sex change.

When contacted Thursday by CBC News, the bridal shop owner, who declined to provide her surname, said she stands by her decision.

“To me it doesn’t matter,” the owner said. “He looked like a man. There was quite a few brides in the store. If you see a man trying on dresses, you’re going to feel uncomfortable.”

Rohit is a name typically given to males.



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