Hannah Leith (Scotland)


Hannah Leith said he was stopped by a security guard when he tried to go into the women’s toilets at the Paisley Centre, Scotland.

“I visited the ladies as I left and I was approached by a security guard and informed a complaint had been made that I was using the ladies’ toilets.

“He proceeded to inform me that I was only to use either the men’s or disabled toilets unless I was post-operative.

“I informed him that I had the legal right to use appropriate toilets, and he responded by saying if I used them, I would be banned from the centre.”

“It was not made clear whether a staff member or a member of the public had made this complaint… I have lived full-time as a woman since last August and this disgusts me.”

He subsequently attempted to enter the ladies’ toilets but was stopped again by another guard, and attempted to reason with the first security guard he spoke to.

“This was useless as he said words to the effect that I was causing problems for everyone and that the majority was more important than just me.

“When I said it had never caused a problem before, and no-one has either noticed or cared I was trans, he replied that they noticed – implying that I do not pass as a woman, which I don’t believe is correct.”

News Report.

Transsexual Hannah was banned from ladies loos in shopping centre – Daily Record.

Transsexual banned from ladies’ loos – Daily Record.


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