Konitzer v. Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Scott Konitzer alleges in a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Department of Corrections that DOC officials falsely induced him to settle his 2003 civil rights case during mediation in 2010 with promises to continue certain non-surgical treatments, and to consider other therapies that  experts in the disorder might recommend. Konitzer further claims that DOC officials never intended to consider the other treatments and limited his existing treatment to treatments that render him suicidal and bald.

Konitzer, a/k/a Donna, prompted lawmakers to pass the Sex Change Prevention Act, subsequently ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge who concluded that doctors must decide whether inmates with gender identity disorder need the kind of hormone treatments Konitzer and a few others receive.

His current lawsuit contends the Department of Corrections stopped giving him one drug in the hormone treatments, which prompted the head hair loss; denied  proper voice changing therapy; and denied a specific type of depilatory cream to remove unwanted hair from other body areas.

In a May 24, 2013 decision, the court dismissed some of his claims, but granted him leave to amend the lawsuit with regard to his Eighth Amendment medical care claims.


Konitzer v. DOC.

News Report.



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