Bureau of Prisons (USA)

“The Bureau of Prisons maintains a list of federal inmates classified as transgender, transsexual, or “gender identity disorder.”

The official “GID Inmates” list contains the names of 61 prisoners, their categorization, and location within the sprawling BoP system.

Additionally, the two-page list notes that each of the inmates is undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The “GID Inmates” list, released by prison officials in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, does not identify the specific prisoners. Names and ID numbers were withheld since, prison officials concluded, such a release would be a privacy invasion and could endanger the lives of the inmates.

The list includes specific categorizations such as “transexualism,” “GID,” and “transgender.” A prisoner at the Victorville, California lockup is listed as having “Sexual DO NOS,” a disorder not otherwise specified.

The list does not specify the sexes of the 61 inmates, who are spread across dozens of BoP facilities.”

Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Gender Identification Disorder l



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