Damien Leggett v. University of Manitoba’s Inner-City ACCESS Program (Canada)


Damien Leggett has filed  a human-rights complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission alleging discrimination by the University of Manitoba’s Inner-City ACCESS Program in social work .

Leggett felt his dignity as a transgender person was not respected because there was no access to a “gender-neutral bathroom.”  The university granted Leggett access to the staff washroom, which was gender-neutral, but that came months later and only after numerous requests.

Leggett said he also asked his professors to use male pronouns, despite the fact he had not yet legally changed his name. He said one professor kept calling him a “she” in class despite repeated requests to stop.

In a one-on-one meeting, the professor told Leggett it was not her fault that she couldn’t remember to use proper pronouns.

“She said, ‘Maybe if you have a moustache or something, that would help.’ I couldn’t grow a moustache yet. Hearing her say that, I just walked out and broke down,” he said.

“She said, ‘My brain isn’t doing it for me. I just don’t see a man. I just see a woman.'”

News Report.

Transgender student wins partial victory against U of M – Manitoba – CBC News.


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