Sine v. Pandya (USA)


Giovanna Monet Sine is incarcerated Michigan. He claims in a lawsuit against correctional officials that he was wrongly classified with a Gender Identity Disorder under Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) Policy Directive 04.06.184 (effective Dec. 20, 2010).  Sine specifically alleges the following (verbatim):

I have been subjected to long-term isolation, confinement, housed in protective custody for 23 hours of isolation, weight loss, anxiety, depression, harassment, crossgender patdowns, sexual harassment, unnecessary strip searches, prurient viewing; shower and strip search incidents, discrimination against sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, size and/or characteristics. The isolation and idleness of G.I.D combined with the squalor, poor hygiene, temperatures, sexual harassment, hate speech from civil servants and noise of extremely psychotic prisoners has created an environment ‘toxic’ to my physical and mental health, suicide thoughts, weight loss, anxiety-depression, hopelessness. From the beginning of my incarceration at RGC reception center in Jackson, M.I., I clearly insisted to all medical personnel like Psych. Mr. Collier, RN Michelle L. Schultz, RN Donna J. Owen, Psych. Allison Jones and Psych. Valerie Hammond, that I have been an entertainer, female impersonator, drag queen-show girl as a career/job that is a few hours on the weekends at bars and clubs in Las Vegas and Phoenix, AZ. Professional medical officials should know the difference between “Transgender/Transexual” and “Drag queen/female impersonator.” I have been classified as G.I.D., and forced to abide by the G.I.D. policy 04.06.184 along with its hurtful and harmful accommodations: bra, single-cell (isolation) – protective custody. I never participated in the creation of policy 04.06.184, I never asked for the imposements of the accommodations. Policy 04.06.184 states: “generally” single-cell housing. I do not struggle with a gender identity or role. I am a male in a man’s prison. I do not have breasts nor am I on hormone therapy.

The court allowed his lawsuit to proceed for civil rights violations.

Sine v. Pandya.


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