Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Centre (Canada)

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3 thoughts on “Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Centre (Canada)

  1. Funny, I see trans M to Ts being mainly victims of just violence by men,[not women] but I cant find one report of ‘rape’ of M to T??? Not one news source…Odd, I can find countless reports of FAB women raped,..

    Trans M to T keep mentioning rape, but they are the ones threatening FAB women with rape for not participating in their fetish. I mean having a fetish is cool and I am ok with that, but when your fetish begins to threaten others not really into that -that are at risk, and it becomes non-consensual, It is time to get psychotherapy and meds.

    Doesnt this happen way more to FAB women and children? Or is this a dramatization to take away protections for women and children that are really victims of this kind of abuse by flooding it with men that want to listen to rape stories?

    Just asking questions.


  2. transwomen get raped all the time. Murdered quite a bit too. Google it.
    That said, I think transwomen should work with transwomen and women should work with women at rape crisis lines. A lot of transwomen don’t pass, especially transwomen who transition later in life and they are perceived as men by women who aren’t part of queer culture. I don’t think it’s fair to make a woman talk to someone she perceives to be a man about her rape. And I don’t care if that hurts some transwomen’s feelings if I say that, the person who’s feelings I care about is the person who’s been raped. I imagine a transwoman would prefer to talk to another transwoman about her rape.


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