Radfem 2013 (UK)

Following the concerted efforts by transgender/men’s rights activists to stop radical feminists from meeting in 2012, men once again targeted women attempting to meet to discuss radical feminism. Originally schedule at the london Irish Center, the booking was cancelled due to threats by these violent men. The event later went off publicly at the Camden Center.

London Irish Centre cancels Radfem conference booking _ Conference News.

Radical feminists barred from London Irish venue _ The Sunday Times.

Radical feminist conference goes ahead despite men’s group protests – Quirky London – London24.

Fury as Irish Centre cancels ‘radical’ feminists’ conference booking amid fears over safety _ Camden New Journal.

The Left Hand of Darkness » CounterPunch_ Tells the Facts, Names the Names.

Cathy Brennan On Radfem 2013 – Forbes.

Protest over radical feminist conference leaves London Irish venue in centre of row – WorldIrish.


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