Radfem Riseup (Canada)

Radfem Riseup was a radical feminist conference that was disrupted by men’s rights/trans rights activists in 2013. Men’s/Trans rights activists used threats of force to get the original venue to cancel the booking. This is a common tactic with these activists, and was used to disrupt Radfem 2013 and Radfem 2012.


The 519 stands in opposition to the RadFem...

Radfem wretches in Toronto _ A Voice for Men.

Modern Times_ Letter to the Editor of The Toronto Star re_ RadFemRiseUp.

Toronto activists protest _transphobic_ conference _ Toronto Star.

Imitation, Infiltration, and Invasion at Radfem Rise Up! 2013 _ smashesthep.

Sam Berg’s Statement on Radfem Rise Up! 2013 « JohnStompers.

RadFem Rise Up! _ 2013 Toronto Conference.


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