Lesbian Caucus (USA)

The Lesbian Caucus was a meeting that took place at the 2012 Creating Change Conference of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The conference – held in Baltimore, Maryland – was notable for its distinct lack of programming for lesbians. Cathy Brennan, a columnist for Baltimore OUTLoud, raised this lack of programming in a column in the fall of 2011.  Subsequently and in response to additional efforts by other lesbians, NGLTF agreed to allow a meeting of only women-born-women at the Baltimore conference. The Lesbian Caucus meeting repeated in 2013 at the Creating Change conference held in Atlanta, Georgia.  One concrete outcome of the Lesbian Caucus was the creation of a blog and a Facebook group by Cathy Brennan with the same name.

Lesbian Caucus.

Emails with Sue Hyde.

Statement on the Lesbian Caucus.

CC12 Workshops by topic and title.

Notes from the Lesbian Caucus at NGLTF Creating Change 2012 _ GenderTrender.

UPDATE_ Creating Change 2012 – Lesbian Caucus Added _ GenderTrender.

Creating Change 2012_ Lesbian and Women’s Workshops Rejected- CALL FOR ACTION _ GenderTrender.

Sisterhood Is Powerful _ You think I just don’t understand, but I don’t believe you.


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