McCreery v. Don’s Valley Market (USA)


Cori McCreery, 29, was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota and worked as a store clerk for the owner of Don’s Valley Market, a local grocery chain, on and off for a total of five years at two separate businesses.  When re-hired in August 2010, McCreery was promoted to supervisor three months into the job.  Supported by family and friends, McCreery notified her employer that she would be transitioning on the job. After initial assurance about job security, Don’s fired McCreery.  Don’s claimed that McCreery was “making other employees uncomfortable” and that Don’s had a “7 million dollar investment to protect.”

McCreery won a $50,000 settlement for unlawful discrimination based on sex a la Macy v. Holder. The authors of Gender Identity Watch support this outcome and wish McCreery the best.

Press Release.


2 thoughts on “McCreery v. Don’s Valley Market (USA)

  1. To understand this better, you support the ruling because the unequal treatment occurred in the employment domain and not, for example, in sex-segregated space where there is an expectation of privacy?


    • We support the ruling because discrimination based on transsexual status is sex discrimination. And yes, there are different concerns that come into play when sex-segregated spaces are at issue, as outlined in the letter to the United Nations and elsewhere. We oppose the enactment of “gender identity” legislation because, in part, it animates sex stereotypes with the force of law as real things that are somehow innate.


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