The Cotton Ceiling (Canada)

prickTranswomen are beginning to claim that they didn’t mean to suggest that lesbians are bigots for not having sex with them when Drew Deveaux coined the rape culture concept of the Cotton Ceiling in 2012.

Transwomen lie.









Twitter _ drewdeveaux_ @nataliereed84 it is their ...

Drew DeVeaux (drewdeveaux) on Twitter.


2 thoughts on “The Cotton Ceiling (Canada)

  1. Well, when people start out with a premise in which they have a vested interest, and work assiduously to cover up any challenges to it, and devote themselves to desperately cherry picking anything they can find that appears to support their premise; honesty got tossed out the window from the start, so it would be naive to expect it later.

    Also, when was the last time men got called bigoted for any of their seemingly endless dating fetishes? Blond hair? Thin women? Women shorter than themselves? Women taller than themselves? People of specific races? People of specific ages, usually much younger than themselves? People too young to legally give consent? People who don’t want to date men?


  2. Just really. To presume what Lesbians think or how we should think about sex with a MtT. Lesbian sex doesn’t include a penis and penises aren’t attached to females. And of course they are advocating stealth until they’ve hookwinked someone into a “serious commitment”. In other words, they think it’s perfectly okay to lie to potential partners.

    And I don’t care if I “hurt anyone’s feelings” I say upfront that I won’t date MtTs. At all, period end of discussion and whether they still have their penis or not. You can never take the patriarchal male privilege out of a born male.


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