Veronica K. B. Olsen @VeronicaInPink (Norway)

huhVeronica K. B. Olsen is transsexual woman atheist blogger who wrote a blog post for Skepchick accusing women of appropriating “woman.” She wrote in support of an anti-lesbian statement circulated by homophobic feminists.


Blog Post.


One thought on “Veronica K. B. Olsen @VeronicaInPink (Norway)

  1. I am often frustrated by claims from trans activists that “woman” is a meaningless term, made up by men as a way of categorizing an a oppressed people, and that, furthermore, women don’t have to be women if they don’t want . This Orwellian claim hides several key points:

    Woman is a made-up term. This is correct. In fact, all the words in our collective vocabularies were made up by someone at some point. Perhaps with the exception of “ugh”, the sound (and facial expression?) of universal distaste, and the onomatopoeia of animal sounds. But, users of the made-up words agreed upon their meaning, and their usefulness, in identifying a specific place, thing, action, etc. So the fact that the words were made up doesn’t invalidate their usefulness. They provided a common base for communication. Communication within the species allowed huge evolutionary gains. Made-up terms were very useful. If there was no difference between the sexes, no one would have bothered making up a term for the female of the species.

    So, obviously, sex matters. The biological differences between women and men were so important that clans, tribes, societies and entire civilizations, all, made-up a word to distinguish woman from man.

    It is probably also true that the English speaking Males of our species assigned “woman” to the Females, as we were already oppressed and therefore, they got to pick all the words. I’m pretty sure that if today’s Females were allowed to name ourselves, we would not pick a word which shared its roots with the same word as our oppressors, Men.

    So, the biological sex of the particular individual which first verbalized the sound “woman” and pointed across the ground at the human with swollen mammaries and a stomach distended in obvious pregnancy, is immaterial at this point. The physical differences were great enough and obvious enough that a separate word was needed in order to communicate.

    And those differences still exist.

    Only females are born with the capacity and potential to ovulate, conceive, give birth and nurse offspring. Women are adult females. Women, as a socio-political oppressed sex class, cannot appropriate that which we are already assigned.

    The made-up word is a specific-use term, designating very specific sexual categorization, in common communications. Women is us, humans born female. We, humans born female, are women.

    And regardless who made the original verbal sound, only Women, women born female, are allowed to define Woman. For, who, could know women better than Woman?


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