The Gendercator (USA)

gendercatorCatherine Crouch is the creator of the 2007 20-minute film The Gendercator, which many transgender people and their allies saw as transphobic.  The Gendercator, which features a 1970s lesbian who wakes up in 2048 where strict binary roles are enforced, was pulled from Frameline31, the first film pulled in its 31-year history.  Frameline viewed the film, approved it for a GLBT film festival in San Francisco and put it into the programming.  Frameline later succumbed to an online protest by transgender activists to ban the film.

This event marks another instance of transgender activists attacking lesbians who have taken a critical look at transgenderism. We recommend that you buy The Gendercator and screen it widely, as it is even more relevant in 2013 than it was in 2007. The most repulsive response to the filem was Tobi Hill-Meyer’s pornography The Genderfellator, which included anti-lesbian themes.  Tobi Hill-Meyer is a man who says he’s a “butch lesbian.”


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