New Zealand

This is a girl.

This is a girl.

A conservative family is defending their decision to start sex change treatment for their seven-year-old girl. Her parent’s say it is a biological mistake and they are already raising her as a boy.

“He’s actually a boy that was born in a girl’s body,” said Kayla Bee, the child’s mother.

ONE News has chosen not to identify the child. For the past year she has been publicly living the life of a boy, who ONE News called “Jason.”

But it is a strategy that concerns New Zealand’s first openly transgender woman MP, Georgina Beyer.

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 5.46.50 PM

Georgina Beyer

“My fears are that this child may have some medical intervention put upon them at a time when they have little to do in the decision making,” Ms. Beyer said.

Ms Beyer says a seven-year-old is far too young to know what is best.

“I have of heard stories from people in the inter-sex community who wished that they hadn’t been re-assigned their gender at birth when they had no control whatsoever.”

Andy Guy

Andy Guy

A transgender activist, Andy Guy, is praising their stand.

“I think this family is doing a very good job to support their child in an environment that is going to challenge them immensely,” he said.


A ‘biological mistake’ to be born female_ _A...


13 thoughts on “New Zealand

      • He’s a boy because he says he is, I bet you knew at 7 what your gender was…Thank heavens his parents listened to him and not people like you or he may grown up with severe emotional problems…if indeed he actually made to adulthood, you clearly know very little about transgender people, maybe you should educate yourself


      • No, that’s ridiculous bullshit. You are confusing gender and sex. And this shit is oppressive to baby dykes.

        LOL at “I know little about transgender people,” you’re a fucking moron.


      • Oh Jesus, you’re the mom of Leo. You are doing the same thing to your child. I’m sorry I called you a fucking moron. What I should have said is why are you doing that to your daughter?


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