Wesley Bailey and Cris Williams (USA)

604Wesley Bailey and Cris Williams are men who “identifiy as women.” These men relentlessly harass Women who have a critique of gender with which they disagree. These men have waged a defamatory camapign against award-winning author Victoria Brownworth over an article she wrote in 2008 entitled Trans youth: Risking life and limb.  In the article, Brownworth details how young people are turning to illegal drug suppliers of “sex changing” drugs and treatments in lieu of actual medical treatment. These men took issue with Brownworth’s reporting, but apparently have no issue with older transwomen making money off of young people by injecting them with illegal drugs.

Petition _ United States Department Of Justice_ Charge Victoria Brownworth under 18 USC § 2251 – Sexual exploitation of children _ Change.

Victoria Brownworth, PGN and Transkids _ The Transadvocate.


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