Miles DeNiro (USA)


In the summer of 2013, a male drag performer was punched, kicked, and dragged by his hair on the floor at the Manny & Olga’s pizzeria on 14th Street, N.W., about 2 a.m. Sunday by two female attackers in an incident that was captured on video taken by a bystander who cheered the attackers. Miles DeNiro, 24, who had just performed under his drag name Heidi Glum at the nearby Black Cat nightclub, said he suffered cuts and bruises to his head and upper body and had clumps of hair pulled from his head in an encounter he described as horrifying and traumatic.

Authorities charged Rachel Manna Sahle, 22, with simple assault and attempted second-degree theft for allegedly trying to steal his purse.  Raymone Harding, 28, was charged with a single count of simple assault.

This is the second high profile incident of “transwomen” by Women. In 2012, Chrissy Polis was beaten at a Baltimore McDonalds.  In both instances, Women of Color are charged with crimes.


2nd suspect arrested in assault on drag performer _ Gay News _ DC _ Washington Blade – America’s Leading Gay News Source.

Arrest made in pizzeria attack on drag performer _ Miles Denaro _ DC _ Washington Blade – America’s Leading Gay News Source.

Drag Performer Viciously Attacked As Crowd Watches And Encourages Fight _ Queerty.

D.C. Drag Entertainer Beaten in Viral Video.


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