A long-running argument over whether the Wikileaks source should be called ‘Bradley’ or ‘Chelsea’ Manning in Wikipedia caused a split amongst its most senior editors.

The Arbitration Committee – in effect the site’s Supreme Court – banned a number of editors from working on articles related to transgender topics or individuals. Some of those editors were banned for making transphobic comments about Manning, others were banned for pointing out the bigotry in the first place.

The Committee’s statements were sparked by an heated argument between editors on the site over whether the article for Chelsea Manning, the Wikileaks source, should exist under his preferred name or under “Bradley Manning”, the name he was using before he came out as transgender in August 2013.

The Arbitration Committee, a group of senior editors elected by and from Wikipedia’s pool of volunteers which acts as the community’s court of last resort, was called in to make the final decision on which name should be at the top of Manning’s page. It also ruled on the behaviour of several editors who had taken part in the debate.

Wikipedia_Arbitration_Requests_Case_Manning naming dispute – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chelsea Manning name row_ Wikipedia editors banned from trans pages _ Technology _ theguardian.

Philip Sandifer_ Writer_ Wikipedia Goes All-In on Transphobia.

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