Jessica Smalley (USA)

Jessica Smalley lost her legal battle to use the women’s restroom at the Burlington, Iowa YMCA.


Transgender rights_ Restroom battles emerge _ The Des Moines Register _ desmoinesregister.


4 thoughts on “Jessica Smalley (USA)

  1. Reblogged this on Rethinking "Gender Identity" and commented:
    This “news” is wrong on so many levels!

    1. Mr Smalley is at the YMCA – Young MEN’S CHRISTIAN Association! He is a man at a Christian institution, which he joined by his own volition. His accusation against YMCA is without merit.
    2. Mr Smalley complains about getting late to work. Does he work at this YMCA, and if so shouldn’t he be grateful that he is even employed there to begin with? If not, he needs to exercise good time management skills instead of blaming others.
    3. YMCA demands that Mr Smalley share a “family” changing room with parents with little children? This is even worse than allowing him into women’s changing room. According to various sources, many transvestites are also pedophiles (see for an extensive list of news articles).
    4. If Mr Smalley thinks that he is standing up for his own rights and for the others, then stop making lame excuses that he might “feel unsafe” with men in men’s locker room. He admits that nothing like that ever happened to him. His struggle for justice and equality must be targeted to the men who should be more accepting of males who are effeminate or homosexual in appearance.


    • Your reliance on Christian here seems misplaced.

      Also, a family bathroom is one for a family to use together, as a family. Smalley wouldn’t be allowed in unless and until the family was done with it.


      • I would personally feel uncomfortable having this man around the family locker room waiting for his turn if I were with our children. That would still expose them to his existence. My point is, why not educate other men so they don’t feel so threatened by the presence of males who don’t conform to the expectation of hypermasculinity? The “transgender” activists keep using this tired argument over whether they might get beaten up if they used men’s locker room. But that is first of all criminal, and in many American states also illegal discrimination (except, perhaps at YMCA as a religious organization).


      • The family bathroom is a reasonable compromise. His existence in and of itself is not a problem. I agree with “educat(ing) other men so they don’t feel so threatened by the presence of males who don’t conform to the expectation of hypermasculinity.”


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