Dalhousie University (Canada)


A transgender student at Dalhousie University says she has been harassed by workers at the campus cafeteria.   Dalhousie student Jessica Dempsey, who was born male, began a physical transition two years ago.  After complaints were made against the food service staff at Dalhousie’s Shirreff Hall residence, a dining hall manager apologized in an email in July. The complaint was then passed on to staff in the school’s Human Rights, Equity and Harassment Protection office. Staff then went through sensitivity training to ensure both management and staff were aware of human rights. But Dempsey said nothing has changed.

Dal transgender student claims harassment from staff – Nova Scotia – CBC News.

Dalhousie trans student claims discrimination from cafeteria staff _ Dalhousie Gazette.


One thought on “Dalhousie University (Canada)

  1. So he’s staying in a women’s shelter for free? Well, that’s one way to save on the cost of higher education. No rent, 2 free meals a day, no power bills during cold Canadian winters, free internet access and cable TV. Plus, emotionally fragile women to prey upon if that’s his kink.


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