Twitter Trans Activists

Aaminah Khan and Daryl Banks, known on Twitter as Sophia Banks, are two minor Anti-Feminist Transgender “Activists.” Their activism consists of harassing lesbian feminists. For example, they have recently filed false abuse reports with WordPress based on a blog post on Gender Identity Watch featuring a public news story.  The news story – concerning a transgender student using the girls’ room at Florence High School – was clearly obtained by Colorado television station KOAA with the full consent and participation of the transgender student and her mother. It is unclear whether the AFTAs exert similar pressure on the news station that reported the news.

Twitter _ jaythenerdkid_ Again, report this post_ ...

Twitter _ sophiaphotos_ I am angry with Brennan for ...

Florence High School, Colorado (USA) _ Gender Identity Watch.


One thought on “Twitter Trans Activists

  1. “I don’t think I’ll be satisfied until TERFs cease to exist.”

    And WE are the dangerous ones???

    I’m curious, do they have as much success bullying women off of WordPress as they do Facebook and Twitter? If they are allowed such free speech as the above, which is clearly more abusive than posting a link to a news site, then why aren’t we, aside from the obvious (we’re women, they’re men) of course?


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