Transgender Activists and Gallus Mag (Online)

Despite their protestations that they are the most bullied and oppressed persons ever, transgender activists continue their campaign to harass radical feminists. Two recent Twitter accounts established solely to harass Cathy Brennan has numerous well-known harassers as followers including Laurelai BaileyDana Lane Taylor and Sarah Brown. Efforts such as this make it difficult to maintain a straight face when listening to transgender activists complain that they are harassed by women. The Twitter accounts highlight the obsession that Gallus Mag, a female blogger who maintains GenderTrender, has with Brennan.  Gallus Mag’s personal grudge against Brennan stems from a variety of imagined disputes, including that in February, Brennan offered to pay admission to a radical feminist conference to a random Internet person Brennan thought was a woman.

Hug Brennan (HugBrennan) followers on Twitter.

Hug Brennan (HugBrennan) tweets on Twitter.

Shrug Brennan (shrugbrennan) followers on Twitter.

Shrug Brennan (shrugbrennan) on Twitter.

cathy brennan _ Search Results _ GenderTrender.


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