Dunja Mijatović, an expert in media law and regulation and representative on freedom of the media at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), has urged MPs in Iceland to reject a new bill in which it will be made punishable by law to mock transgender people, arguing that it could violate press freedom.

Bill Hanna Birna challenge _ National Broadcasting.

Iceland Review Online_ Daily News from Iceland, Current Affairs, Business, Politics, Sports, Culture.



One thought on “Iceland

  1. Europeans like censorship a lot, all in the name of tolerance.

    “Mocking” here is a very vague term and its interpretation could be entirely up to the “transgender” who feels offended for something as insignificant as being “misgendered.” Laws like this destroy not only press freedom but also civil liberties as a whole, making people feel that certain groups of individuals cannot be criticized even when the criticism has nothing to do with the “protected class.” It creates a special class, not equal protection. Satires and lampoons are traditionally accepted methods of critical speech, often very powerful ones at that.


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