@RachelAPiazza & Shulamith Firestone Women’s Liberation Memorial Conference


Rachel Piazza claims to be a feminist who attended the Shulamith Firestone Women’s Liberation Memorial Conference in New York City last month.  She claims the women at the conference were “trans exclusionary” and thus she felt moved to write an “open letter” littered with made up statistics. The effort seems as useful as another effort by sex positive feminists earlier this year to shame lesbians for knowing transwomen are men.

We look forward to the day when women stop writing this pointless open letters to shame other women who know human biology exists.

Open Letter to Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists – Feminist Friends.


4 thoughts on “@RachelAPiazza & Shulamith Firestone Women’s Liberation Memorial Conference

  1. i just posted on her blog and emailed her as a courtesy. had to create a new gmail account w/o my name, just in case……… too many sisters have been harrassed and/or stalked for me not to take basic precautions.

    it was probably a futile attempt. i was feeling generous.


  2. Oh I see. Here is redhester’s comment:

    “Dear Sister,

    It is impossible to for humans to change their sex. Therefore, trans* men and women remain male and/or female. There is nothing wrong with their perfect male/female bodies. As a radical feminist, I defend their right to live free of violence from men. For, it is largely men that are the agent of the violence against trans* folk. And women. And, other men.

    As a radfem, I am a complete gender abolitionist. Gender is an abomination, because it is a system designed for the sole purpose of harming females. Men are not females. There is nothing inherantly wrong with male or female bodies. Our culture, our gendersick culture, is the problem. Not the bodies of trans* folk. Anyone seeking to uphold the gender system is not working towards the best interests of females.

    Females have a right to organize as a class, out of view/hearing from males. Trans* men seeking to live as women are male. Their performance of gender does not change that basic fact. Therefore, they are not included in spaces created by women to deal with issues specifically related to the system of gender that is based on female biology.

    I hope that offers some clarity. To be clear, all sentient beings have a right to live in peace and wellness. All of them.

    Yours in sisterhood,


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