Sussex University and @emzy_w (UK)


Rose Collis and VG Lee are both popular and highly-respected Lesbian writers and performers. Their new show Bah! Humbuggers (or Dyke the Halls)  plays at the Emporium in Brighton on December 1 and 2 and the Hideaway in London on December 15. The proceeds from the London show are going to benefit the Kids’ City organisation who provide out of school activities for children in Wandworth and Lambeth.

To publicise the shows, the performers posted the event in the Facebook group, Sussex LGBTQ, for the LGBTQ Society at USSU – University of Sussex Students’ Union.

Emily Weaver, chair of Sussex LGBTQ group contacted the performers saying: “I am contacting you today as we are going to remove your post regarding Bah Humbuggers on our timeline. We have a safe space policy in place on our page and unfortunately the word ‘Dyke’ violates this policy. As a society we pride ourselves on promoting a safe space which means everyone should be able to participate in a safe environment. We find ourselves in a situation where members of the society felt uncomfortable with having an event posted which included the term Dyke. As a society we are bound to providing a safe space by the student union guidelines and we never take deleting a post lightly however in certain circumstances for example, when we feel safe space is being violated this is a necessary step. We do not have a problem with your event just the word included in the name. We are happy for you to repost your event without the word Dyke if you wish to. I apologise if this causes an inconvenience.”

In 2013, Lesbians cannot call themselves “dykes” in Queer spaces.

University of Sussex LGBTQ Group Bans the Word ‘Dyke’ _ Eden Walker.

Gscene Gay_LGBT Magazine, News, Reviews & Listings for Gay_LGBT Brighton & Hove, UK, Gay Media, Anger as LGBTQ student group bans use of the word ‘dyke’ _ Gscene Gay Magazine – What’s on in Gay _ LGBT Brighton.

Sussex University LGBTQ Society Bans The Word ‘Dyke’, Complains About Lesbian Christmas Performance.


10 thoughts on “Sussex University and @emzy_w (UK)

  1. Huh? And this Emily dumbass weaver chairs an lgbt group?? A group whose members felt “offended” by the use of the word Dyke? The Daughters of Bilitis are turning in their graves.


  2. How is the word “dyke” offensive? They didn’t say why it was offensive. All they did was basically say we don’t like it. It has to go because we don’t like it. This is just the silencing of lesbian and feminist voices. Dykes have existed for a very long time, and dykes have fought tenaciously for reproductive health care for women, equal pay for women, Title IX, and numerous causes that directly impact the lives of women. Dykes have volunteered at battered women’s shelters.

    I guess dykes are maligned because they have the audacity to step outside of traditional sex roles enforced on girls and proudly say they are female.


  3. The New Progressive Form of McCarthyism..

    I’m trying to invision all of this all. So, a 5’4″ 120 lb. dyke is some how threatening to a hulking 6′ 180 lb. queer or transgender identitifed male? The big brusing 5’4″ dyke might harass the dainty 6′ tall queer identified guy. I just can’t see it. What they are saying is they won’t tolerate women with independent ideas. Males have been telling women what to think for centuries, especially uppity women who think for themselves. Why should they change their tactics now? There will always be a few handmaidens who will do their bidding. It never fails.

    I don’t have anything against most queer identified people. Bless them, but similar to the way males feel entitled to threaten women who disagree with them, males who identify as queer have physically harassed women. Women have been physically threatened by just handing out literature.

    At the “Law and Disorder Conference” in Portland, OR in May of this year, the women who were threatened weren’t even discussing anything remotely related to transgender or queer identified people.

    “A group of five queer activists came up to the table and one of the men began shouting at the women, using aggressive language and threatening gestures. He grabbed and defaced table materials. When one of the women went to protect the materials, he marked her arm and hand as well.

    This conference states it has a policy of safer spaces, but “safer spaces” evidently doesn’t apply to women, because although most people in the room had no choice but to hear the shouting, no one, including the organizers, intervened to stop this man and his aggressive behavior.

    A half an hour later, a male DGR member tried to engage in respectful conversation with these queer activists. They began insulting him, and escalated to throwing trash and food at his head. Apparently the “safer space” policy doesn’t apply to men, either.

    The next day the DGR crew went back for more tabling, and an angry mob of queer activists again approached the table, yelling and cursing at them, and demanded that they leave. You can watch the video. The DGR members were respectful and courteous. They tried to de-escalate. Nonetheless, they were the recipients of bullying, threats, and silencing. Once again, for all their talk of “safer spaces,” the organizers did not intervene.”

    Some queer identified people even went as far as to harass Derrick Jensen simply because he knows Lierre Keith. Trans activists don’t like Lierre Keith, so they attack anyone who associated with her. Jensen is an environmentalist who has never said anything or written anything about queer or transgender identified people. It’s guilt by association.


  4. New Form of McCarthyism continued..

    Derrick Jensen Says:

    May 18, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    “Dear All, just for the record, that is not my facebook page. People keep putting up facebook pages with my name, and they posting horrible horrible things, like calls for violence against women. That is not me. I keep reporting them to facebook, and they get taken down, and then these abusers put up another one.

    They also include photoshopped pictures that purport to show me fucking salmon. This is because I write about how we need to stop salmon from being extirpated by this culture. And I saw a telling post on an anarchist page a while back: it was a picture of a pigeon, with the caption, “I shit on what you love.” This is what they are doing: I love salmon, and they have to shit on that love by pornographying it. It’s all the central patriarchal violation imperative. It’s all so disgusting and horrid.”

    Derrick Jensen is an author who has written some briliant books on environmental issues. He is a pacifist who has never threatened anyone. His only crime was he knew someone who transgender activists disagree with.

    People have it backwards. Dykes need to be protected from threatening males. This includes males who identify as queer or trans.

    Again, I don’t mean any disrespect to most queer folks.


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