Transgender Day of Remembrance


The Transgender Day of Remembrance is an event started by transwoman Gwen Smith ostensibly to recognise men and women killed by “transphobic hate.” What the event has devolved into, however, is a weapon used by trans activists as proof of how transwomen are the most oppressed humans on the planet. The event fails to name the agent of violence against trans people – men. Further, the event fails to identify how the violence suffered by trans people is similar to the extensive, worldwide violence experienced by Women – again, at the hands of men. The event also generally fails to recognise that the most victimised members of the trans community are transwomen of color, and they generally are victimised by men of color. The event also puts forth the false narrative that “the transgender community is often overlooked by both the media and the government.” Finally, the event includes ALL deaths of transgender people (or people Gwen Smith decides are trans, which in the past has included children), regardless of whether trans status played a role in their deaths. In our monitoring of media leading up to this year’s event, we did not see a single analysis that identified men as the agent of violence against trans people, despite the fact that virtually all killers of trans people are men.

The event is a highly effective public relations tool that appeals to emotions to advance a political cause. It does not, however, do anything to eliminate male violence.

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