Quaranta v. Middletown, Connecticut Police Department (USA)


A transgender police officer filed a complaint with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities alleging supervisors in the police department created a hostile work environment because of her gender identity. Officer Francesca Quaranta, 46, began to transition from male to cosmetic “female” about two years ago. Quaranta was hired in 2004 after spending eight years as a police officer in Rocky Hill. Until last year she had told only a few close friends – including a few in the Middletown Police Department — that she identifies as a woman instead of a man. Quaranta previously filed a complaint with another trooper that the police chief, William McKenna, tried to obtain prescription drugs from her. In a a published article detailing that event, Middleton Mayor Daniel Drew and McKenna said that the complaints were made by officers with troubled histories, including one currently under investigation by the department’s internal affairs unit. McKenna is still under investigation.

Mayor Hires Attorneys To Investigate Complaints Against Middletown Police Chief – Hartford Courant.

Transgender Police Officer Files Harassment Complaint Against Middletown Department – Courant.com.


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