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Internal documents leaked by a staffer explain that’s new “openness policy” is a result of a rapidly expanding company trying to keep up with demand. Previously, vetted petitions to ensure each petition and organization aligned with their values. A “Frequently Asked Questions” document notes that “will soon have thousands of advertisers, and is would be impossible to scaleably investigate the organizations behind all of these petitions.” The FAQ document adds, “By rejecting some advertisers because we disagree with them, we’d be implicitly endorsing those we accept and exposing ourselves to daily attacks from people who don’t think certain advertisers fit within a set of values.”

Over the last year, has been used by Men’s Rights Activists to silence Women’s speech as well Men’s Rights Activists like Red Durkin intent on harassing Women who create Women-only safe space away from Men and Male-bodied people.  These MRAs do this under the guise of “progressive” politics. It is truly an Orwellian world when women identifying the source of our own oppression and seeking refuge and safe space away from such oppression is the subject of “activist” petitions.

The Changes at Change.Org: Is This Change We Can Believe In.



9 thoughts on “ @Change @RedIsDead

      • You know, I feel like the people telling you things know a lot more than you do. Seek first to understand, then to be understood – I can GUARANTEE you that I as a trans person understand the way you look at gender, seeing as I was raised in the same exact world (at least regarding how gender was shown to me by society) as you were until I began my transition and my self-education about gender. But do you understand the way trans people view gender? Even a little? If it seems fucked up or unintelligable to you, that’s because you obviously don’t fully grasp it with the level of comfort that I do.

        Please, read some things. Please. Until you have, please, please stop. Stop saying things about gender. It’s like someone who has never read a book on feminism talking about its “evils;” it’s very hypocritical and childish of you to discuss such a huge concept like gender with all of your vitriol, because you have obviously not educated yourself on the topic. It’s honestly super embarrassing to see someone say such incorrect things with such certainty and rage…very cringeworthy, if you ever care to visit yourself in a few years after learning a bit more.

        If you want to PM me, I would be glad to send you some reading recommendations or just to talk to you if you have any questions. I’d love to talk to you one-on-one and see where you’re coming from. Please open your mind. I challenge you. I bet you won’t take my challenge – I bet you’ll fail at educating yourself on trans issues. Please prove me wrong. You will be the first person to do so.


      • Oh my. So because we disagree with you, we need more education? You folks are nothing if not predictable. No, we won’t be messaging you. Thanks though. Maybe someday you’ll read Sheila Jeffreys. I bet you have never heard of her, right?

        Also, can you look at your loaded language? I assure you, the only vitriol here comes from Men demanding to be seen as Women.


  1. The only one harming anyone else is the person tearing away at people’s identies – what does someones gender idenity have to do with harming women? I mean also I’d just like to say that sounds completly uninteligable “Gender identy harms women” – “women” and “men” have gender identies as well as everyone else in the spectrum of gender does. Do you think that cisgender isn’t a gender identiy or is it gender unidenity that hurts women? Because without gender idenity we’d all be the exact same gender.


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