Zoe Stavri @stavvers @Independent (UK)

zoe-stavri-stavversZoe Stavri is a Men’s Rights Activist who writes for The Independent. She regularly denigrates Feminist Women on her Twitter feed, especially Lesbians who know Transwomen are Men. The zeal with which she debases herself for Men knows no bounds, as this Tweet against Bank Notes campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez highlights.

We condemn such speech against another Woman. We would also condemn such speech used against Zoe Stavri, no matter how many abusive statements she makes against Lesbians. Sexually abusive language is used by anti-feminist transgender activists and MRAs to get Women to stop speaking, as most Women do not wish to engage in a conversation in which they are sexually abused.




2 thoughts on “Zoe Stavri @stavvers @Independent (UK)

  1. Caroline Criado-Perez says he will burn it because it has a man on it? I first I thought it was because it had a woman on it but than I realized she is still trying to push for one. Good for her!


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