Paris Green (Scotland)

Teresa-Backyard-09Paris Green killed a man, but because he “identifies as a woman,” he will serve his time in a women’s prison and will have a sex change operation on the NHS.

Green is now imprisoned with other women in Saughton, Edinburgh, and set to have the surgery.  He was initially locked up at Cornton Vale near Stirling but has been transferred to Edinburgh’s Saughton jail, where he is being kept in a women’s section. It has been claimed Green was involved in casual sexual relationships with other inmates at Cornton Vale.

Murder victim’s stepfather claims the ‘law is a farce’ as transsexual killer is moved from Cornton Vale – Fife _ Local _ News _ The Courier.

Pre-op transsexual killer moved out of women-only jail after claims he romped with other prisoners – Mirror Online.



3 thoughts on “Paris Green (Scotland)

  1. They tortured him before finally killing him. Peter Lainge (Paris Green) was one of three men convicted of the brutal killing this March of Robert Shankland, 45, after inviting him to a party at Green’s apartment in the central Scotland town of Glenrothes. Apparently, this happened because of some dispute over a bag of chips. It was a senseless brutal murder. Peter Lainge willingly participated in this sadistic murder.

    Instead of a party, Green (pictured) and his two accomplices tied Shankland up, then beat and tortured him for hours before murdering him. The victim’s body showed that he had been both strangled with a cord and suffocated with a plastic bag pulled over his head, as well as struck with a rolling pin, kicked and punched

    “The jury had had heard how Mr Shankland was tied up with torn bedding, battered, kicked and attacked with a rolling pin.

    A ligature was also tied around his neck and a plastic bag pulled over his head.

    Mr Shankland – who suffered from heart disease – was killed either by suffocation or blunt force injuries.

    The killers then ate ham sandwiches which had been paid for after selling their victim’s mobile phone.”

    Peter Lainge deserves to serve his time in a men’s prison.


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