California (USA)

The State of California is considering new rules to allow transgender athletes to compete in boxing, kick-boxing and mixed martial arts events.

The California Athletic Commission, which oversees professional and amateur events in the state for boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts,  proposes that  transgender athletes undergo hormone therapy for at least two years before competing.  The rules would also establish a testing procedure for transgender athletes.

The rules come in the wake of the Fallon Fox debacle, in which Fox, who is male, is given permission to assault women under the guise of sporting competition.  Other sporting leagues have dealt with this issue differently.

News Report.

Proposed Rules.


One thought on “California (USA)

  1. This should be banned no matter what. I am sure their male strength does not completely go away no matter how long they have been on drugs. Still went through male puberty, still different anatomy.


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