Craig Hudson (UK)


A murderer won taxpayer funding for a High Court case in which he demanded the right to wear a woman’s wig in jail. Craig Hudson – who is serving a life sentence for torturing and killing his wife – said he wanted to change sex and protested that without a female wig he would look like a ‘bald drag artiste’. The claim, paid for through legal aid, will result in a prison service review of the right of transgender prisoners to wear wigs and outsize women’s clothes. In a ruling, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC accepted the argument of governors at maximum security Frankland prison, Durham, who told the court wigs are banned because prisoners can use them as a disguise in escape attempts.

Killer who tortured and killed his wife gets legal aid for his fight to wear a wig in prison _ Mail Online.

Five family members jailed for life for murder _ UK news _ theguardian.



3 thoughts on “Craig Hudson (UK)

  1. Hudson tortured and murdered his wife, and then he wrapped her body in a carpet and dumped it like yesterday’s garbage. He deserves nothing more than basic tax payer funded room and board and basic health care. Mr. Hudson should be grateful for this. Who cares if he thinks he looks like a ‘bald drag artiste’ without a wig? Who is he trying to impress while incarcerated for torturing and murdering his wife? Does he think he has to look spiffy for his cell mates?

    The Daily Mail states,

    “Hudson, 29, was a member of a ‘family from hell’ in Nottingham who imprisoned and tortured his 20-year-old wife, Rachel. Mrs Hudson died after two years of daily beatings and abuse. Her body was wrapped in a carpet and dumped.

    A murderer won taxpayer funding for a High Court case in which he demanded the right to wear a woman’s wig in jail.

    Craig Hudson – who is serving a life sentence for torturing and killing his wife – said he wanted to change sex and protested that without a female wig he would look like a ‘bald drag artiste’.

    The judicial review brought by Hudson is understood to have cost taxpayers up to £10,000 in payments to a specialist firm of prison solicitors and a barrister.

    Taxpayers also funded a barrister and other lawyers to represent the Ministry of Justice, and the expense of running the court, resulting in total costs of up to £30,000.

    The case provoked a row at the Ministry of Justice, which runs the Legal Aid Agency, as Justice Secretary Chris Grayling is trying to cut legal aid waste and limit the number of spurious judicial review cases.

    What are the taxpayers saying about Mr. Hudson? Below is a sample of the 113 comments related to this article.

    He murdered his wife.. Any human rights he had, should have been taken away the day he was found guilty!

    “Oh for gods sake what is wrong with this country? You couldn’t make this rubbish up. Someone in government should grow a pair and do something.”

    lawyers are the bain of our society.

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum. At a time when the government are cutting back services for decent people why are scum like this indulged? It surely isn’t beyond the whit of government lawyers to draft a law to stop this kind of thing? I am fed up of my taxes being wasted in this way.

    I don’t want my taxes spent on idiocy like this, shouldn’t think anyone else does either


  2. “A sizable number of the trans community are sexual predators and violent men.”

    This is what they will never admit.

    **Fact One: The vast majority of registered sex offenders are male.

    •An estimated 91% of victims of rape are female, 9% are male and 99% of offenders are male. (Bureau of Justice Statistics 1999)

    •99% of people who rape are men, 60% are Caucasian.

    Greenfeld, L. A. Sex Offenses and Offenders: An Analysis of Data on Rape and Sexual Assault, Washington, D. C.: U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1997.

    “One of the most prevalently found conclusions within the field of criminology, regardless of the society, time period, or geographical location, is the finding that males are more violent and aggressive than females (Wright, Tibbetts & Daigle, 2008)”

    Men commit a larger number of violent crimes than do women. In 2009, men accounted for 81% of persons arrested for violent crime and 66% of homicide perpetrators.

    US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Services Division. Crime in the United States, 2009. Washington, DC: US Department of Justice; 2010.

    The Center for Sex Offender Management from the U.S. Department of Justice states,

    March 2007

    National criminal justice statistics reveal that of all adults and juveniles who come to the attention of the authorities for sex crimes, females account for less than 10% of these cases (FBI, 2006). Specifically, arrests of women represent only 1% of all adult arrests for forcible rape and 6% of all adult arrests for other sex offenses.

    Census and Caseload Data from Criminal and Juvenile Justice Agencies

    In contrast to the approximately 140,000 men incarcerated in prisons nationwide for sex crimes, only 1,500 women are estimated to be imprisoned for these offenses (Harrison & Beck, 2005). They represent only 1% of all adults incarcerated for sex offenses, and 2% of all females in prison.

    **Fact Two: Paraphilias (pedophilia, voyeurism, etc.) are found almost exclusively in males. I’m not saying that they can’t occur in women, but some sources say that it’s usually 20 to 1. Masochism is about the only paraphilia in which the ratio of males to females is about the same.

    Most paraphilias are rare and are more common among males than among females (about 20 to 1 of males to females).

    Does Fact One and Fact Two change because the male “identifies as a woman”, says he is a transwoman, or identifies as transgender. No, they do not. They will never admit this, but it’s true. Transgender identified males or transwomen have murdered and raped women. They have molested children. Many transwomen are fully intact males. They are no more predatory than other males, but when it comes to crime statistics they are no better or worse than other males. We are supposed to pretend that they are sweet little angles and completely harmless. I’ve never believed that transgendered identified males are more prone to violence than other males. My point is this. They are still male, and when it comes to crime statistics, they offend at the same rate as other males. If they undergo SRS. they lose their male genitalia, but many transwomen still have fully intact male genitalia. Cross dressing autogynephiles have no interest in actually undergoing SRS. Many of these men are heterosexual males. The problem with most “gender identity” laws is that there is no universal standard. Many “gender identity” laws require no actual SRS, and could include just about any cross dressing male with a sexual fetish.


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