Becky Kent (Scotland)

becksIn a significant “misgendering” incident, Becky Kent, a man from Wisconsin who now lives in Dundee, Scotland, received his divorce decree with a post-it note atached to it that officials apparently forgot to remove from the paperwork. The 51-year-old found that, along with the note, the cover letter for the divorce decree had also been addressed “Dear Sir” despite Kent’s demands to now be recognized as a woman (even though he has not taken legal steps to change his sex). The handwritten post-it note said: “Colin it’s right!!! Man – changed his name to woman’s name – statutory declaration attached!!! Takes all sorts!!”

Kent – who fathered 8 children –  is in the process of demanding a formal apology, all the documents to be redrafted with the correct titles, a public pledge that the courts system will uphold its equality policy and for all staff to  undergo training.

Was it wrong to attach a note, undoubtedly attached to the divorce decree to inform the regular person serving the papers, with no knowledge of the special issues of the transgender community, about Kent so he would be served with these important papers? Yes. Mistakes happen. People are human.

Is this a civil rights violation? No.

However, transgender activists are keen to convince the public, legislatures and courts that “misgendering” is akin to assault, such that trans people – particularly trans women – are “justified” in their over-the-top responses to said “misgendering.” Such responses have included hitting a woman with a beer bottle, running a person over with a car, and throwing a tantrum in a dollar store. At least one court (in the United States) has stated that the “purposeful” use of masculine pronouns in addressing a transwoman, who presented as female, and the insistence that he sign a document with his birth name despite a court-issued name change order, “is not a light matter, but one which is laden with discriminatory intent.”  Fashioning a remedy for such “damage” caused by people using their powers of observation will prove interesting, and, no doubt, harmful to Women.

Incidentally, millions of Lesbians across the world stand ready to join in a class-action lawsuit for every time we’ve been called Sir or Mister or told “This is the ladies’ room.”

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Sex-swap woman’s fury over ‘dear sir’ | The Sun |Scottish News.

Sheriff Court blasted for “offensive” note sent to transgender woman | Deadline News.

Another Woman With A Penis

Another Woman With A Penis

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9 thoughts on “Becky Kent (Scotland)

  1. Thank you Gender Identity Harms Women, whoever you may be.

    From someone who is unfortunately (and unwillingly) close to this debacle.

    I have myself and seven other people who I can safely speak for when I say THANK YOU for calling a spade a spade.


  2. So, we’re in the worst recession we’ve ever had and this prick thinks he can come here and sue our already underpaid and overworked court clerks, steal free education from us (wtf is a man of his age going to use a degree for?) and bag himself a neovag off the already-dying NHS? Fuck no.


  3. This was a clerical error that has been blown completely out of proportion. It’s political correct insanity taken to obscene new heights. The p.c. thought police are out in full force. I find it hard to believe that any of court clerks intended to insult this person. They were confused and didn’t know how to handle the situation. Now, they are branded as ignorant and insensitive bigots. There was nothing offensive in the pink post it note. Also, how were they supposed to know that Kent identifies as a woman? Kent, a retired prison officer, was married 30 years and is the father of 8 children. I seriously doubt that he identified as a woman while he was employed as a prison guard. Did he work in a men’s prison? If so, I doubt that he wore that dress while working in a men’s prison. The online “Becky Kent’s Page” states the he is “non-op transsexual” which would mean that Becky Kent still has his penis and testicles.

    Anyone who has filed for divorce or worked as a court clerk knows the mountain of paper work involved. Court clerks have to handle hundreds of divorces each year. I can certainly understand why the court clerks would be confused. As to filing the final decree under his former name, what were the court clerks supposed to do? Kent was married to the same woman for 30 years under the former name and had 8 children with her. Now, the court clerks are being insensitive brutes.

    The statement, “I’m not going to let this one lie. Becky’s going to war” really shows how insane this has become. It’s as if the p.c. thought police won’t stop at anything. Becky, retired prison guard, father of 8 children, is “going to war” with over worked and under paid court clerks. They are swamped with paper work, and now they have to watch everything they say and do or feel the wrath of transgender activists.

    Kent thinks all the employees should be forced to undergo a minimum of 8 hours of “transgender awareness training”. Even if the male didn’t identify as a woman while married to a woman and impregnated said woman numerous times, the entire legal system must come to a screeching halt. They need “transgender awareness training”. They also must declare their belief in “gender identity”.

    This has really gotten out of hand and people can stop this madness if they really wanted to. We don’t have to cater to these delusional people. This could stop overnight if we just stopped playing along with it.

    (1.) Males who were married 30 years and fathered 8 children are not women. They are entitled to respect like any other human, but they are not women. We know this, but have been brow beaten into submission. It needs to stop now.

    (2.) Biological males who were married 30 years and fathered 8 children should not be allowed to legally change their sex. Stop this nonsense now by changing some laws. It can be done. Males produce sperm, have XY chromosomes, have a male reproductive system, and impregnate women. The fact that Kent could impregnate a woman 8 times is proof that his male reproductive system works fine.

    This self-entitled, pompous individual should apologize to the over worked court clerks who are often up to their elbows in paper work, and now have the added burden of placating and pandering to over zealous trans activists. He should also thank the taxpayers (the vast majority don’t identify as transgender) who keep the courthouse and legal system working.


  4. I agree that this was a clerical error of sorts and shouldn’t have happened, but it doesn’t fall under the category of some sort of heinous civil rights violation of enormous magnitude. The court clerks don’t need a minimum of 8 hours of “transgender awareness” shoved down their throats.


  5. It’s obvious that the pink post it note was to inform other employees of the special circumstances of this divorce. How were they supposed to know that this father of 8 identifies as a “woman” now? There was nothing offensive in the note at all. It was in house communication. It was carelessly left on, but not offensive. It was meant to inform others. The little post it note wasn’t even meant for Kent, so how can he claim that they were out to intentionally insult him.


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