Becky Kent (Scotland)

Digital CameraBecky Kent has released his letter to the Dundee Sheriff’s Office. We reproduce it below. Kent  hopes “the publicity surrounding this has put them in a corner where they will have no choice but to agree to the training.”  It is abundantly clear that the post-it note was simply an error, and that for regular people, they may need an explanation as to why a male has a “woman’s name.”  Men like Kent with autogynephilia fail to understand that not everyone lives in their pink fog world.

Sheriff Clerk
Dundee Sheriff Court
Sheriff Court House
6 West Bell Street
Dundee DD1 9AD

3 January 2014

Dear Sheriff Clerk,

Gender Reassignment Equality Complaint

Your Ref: DX:
Date of incident: 25 December 2013
Type of incident: Offensive correspondence

Summary of incident:
On the evening of 30 December, I returned home to find in my mail a letter from the Dundee Sheriff court addressed to . Inside the envelope I found an Extract Decree of Divorce with a cover letter dated 25 December 2013. Attached to the front of the cover letter was a pink post-it note that said,
“Colin its Right!!!
Man – changed his name
To woman’s name –
Statutory declaration attached!!!
Takes all sorts!!”

I am a transgender woman who has undergone gender reassignment from male to female. I legally changed my name and social gender on 4 July 2012. As such, the appropriate way to address me in legal documents requiring a link to my former name is: Rebecca Lynn Kent formerly known as . It was in this format that I originally completed my portion of the Request for Simplified Divorce filed by my ex-wife. I also included a copy of the Statutory Declaration changing my name.

At some point in the process someone took it upon themselves to change this to the inappropriate format of known as Rebecca Lynn Kent. The letter was also addressed “Dear Sir” rather than “Dear Madam”.

These actions combined to create an offensive and degrading experience for me in this interaction with the Sheriff Court. These actions demonstrated to me an unprofessional disregard for my dignity as a service user with the protected characteristic of gender reassignment. The involved staff appear to have little or no awareness of gender reassignment equality, or appropriate procedures regarding the processing of court actions on behalf of transgender people. To have learnt of the unprofessional way in which my identity was made fun of by staff in their internal discussions was extremely humiliating.

This incident appears to have directly contradicted the goals of the Scottish Court Service’s equality policy in regards to:
• Providing responsive and accessible services for all court users which recognise their diverse needs
• Challenging and eliminating discrimination, victimisation and harassment against court users and our workforce
• Delivering meaningful equality outcomes for court users, for our workforce and for promoting equality.

Requested Response:
• A formal apology
• Redraft the Decree of Divorce, the Extract of the Decree of Divorce, the cover letter and all filings associated with the divorce proceeding, using my correct legal name, title and gender pronouns
• A public statement from the Dundee Sheriff court affirming their commitment to the equality policy of the Scottish Court Service as it relates to gender reassignment equality
• Most importantly, Gender Reassignment Equality Training for all staff of the Dundee Sheriff Court provided by an experienced external equality organisation such as the Scottish Transgender Alliance (

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I have attached a copy of the letter I received.

Kind regards,

Miss Rebecca Lynn Kent


Cc: Stephen Coulter, SCS Corporate Secretary and equality contact
James Morton, Scottish Transgender Alliance Manager

Reporting on public facts is apparently an attack by a hate group.

Reporting on public facts is apparently an attack by a hate group.

Becky Kent – Here is a copy of the complaint letter being… | Facebook.



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