A Night of 1,000 Vaginas @AIsForOrg (USA)

BeO52NTCEAAZpb8A Night of 1,000 Vaginas is a fundraiser to raise money to help Women in need of abortion services in Texas.  The event was promoted by A Is For, which serves as an ally and advocate for organizations working to protect reproductive rights that you can support here. Transgender activists, led by the sock puppet account “Dr. Jane Chi,” harassed Martha Plimpton, a well-known choice activist, for her use of the word “vagina.” This incident is just the latest of many examples where transgender people have claimed that women speaking about our biology is “transphobic.”



Largo at the Coronet » A Is For_ A Night of A Thousand Vaginas! Benefiting Texas Abortion Fund – Tickets – Largo at the Coronet – Los Angeles, CA – January 19th, 2014.

Abortion, Trans Inclusivity & the Thousand Vaginas (with image, tweets) · DrJaneChi · Storify.



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