Kosilek v. Spencer (USA)

CaptureThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit recently upheld the right of Robert Kosilek, incarcerated for murdering Cheryl McCaul, his wife, to obtain a “sex change” at tax payer expense. The court found that the failure of the Massachusetts Department of Correction to provide the surgery — which was said by a group of qualified doctors to be medically necessary to treat Kosilek’s condition — violated Kosilek’s Eighth Amendment rights.

Kosilek v. Spencer.


3 thoughts on “Kosilek v. Spencer (USA)

  1. If this 64 year old convicted murderer can get elective cosmetic surgery, why can’t female inmates with small breasts get breast implants? I’m sure female inmates with small breasts feel psychologically inadequate and depressed too. It’s emotionally traumatizing to be “trapped in the wrong body”. Who is to say that one psychological diagnosis (“gender identity” or whatever) is more important than another feeling (emotional discomfort at having small breasts or a big nose)?

    It’s high time that female inmates started suing the prison system for boob and nose jobs.


  2. “BOSTON (AP) — A convicted murderer in Massachusetts who won the right to get a state-funded sex change is also eligible to have legal fees — expected to top $500,000 — paid as well, a federal judge ruled.”


    Not only will taxpayers have to pay for the sex change surgery for this 64 year old convicted murderer, taxpayers could get stuck with legal fees. This is all for a 64 year old man who murdered his wife and left her dead body in a car. The dude is 64 years old, and he sure looks like a dude to me. The long hair just make him look like an aging old hippy with long stringy hair.

    Please watch this video and look at Kosilek. Even if he gets his male genitalia surgically altered courtesy of the taxpayers, this guy is never going to look like a woman. He will still look like a dude, albeit one with his tally whacker lopped off. I hate being so brutally honest, but it’s true.


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