Adams v. Adams (USA)

Danielle Kira Adams, a transwoman formerly called  William Benjamin Adams, appeals from a denial of his motion to dismiss a divorce decree addressing custody, visitation, and division of property.

Among other arguments, Adams argued that the court discriminated against him by (1) ignoring the alleged discriminatory bias of a counselor chosen by his ex-wife; (2) preventing Adams from questioning the counselor on his religious beliefs; and (3) ordering Adams to present himself as male with his children for a time.  While asserting that there is no Arkansas law dealing with “the civil liberty of gender expression” or prohibiting discrimination against gender identity, Adams also submitted no permissive or persuasive authority from any other jurisdictions, directly addressing or distinguishing his claim. The court concluded that it is not the duty of the court to research or develop arguments for Adams on appeal. Accordingly, the court did not address the merits of this argument.

Adams v. Adams.


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