Dangerous New Identity: Is Change Needed in Determining Transgender Participation in Athletics Through New Gender Identity? (USA)


This Article will address the “unfair advantage” the male-to-female athletes have over their females in sports that require a high degree of strength and power. Mixed Martial Artist Fallon Fox is a an ideal example for this issue because a high contact sport high intensity and “hyper-masculine” like Mixed Martial Arts is a good demonstration to illustrate the unfair advantage newly identified females have over their opponents after being a male, physically and legally in society for an extensive period of time.

Part II of this article will summarize the policies governing transgender athlete participation in Sport. Further, this section will note some of the tests that sports governing bodies use in determining whether a transgender athlete should be identified in athletics as her newly legal gender.

Part III will discuss the difference in cross-sectional musculature, hormone composition, and DNA relevant to both males and females, and discuss why even hormonal therapy and other forms of surgery that will aid in a “gender change” will still leave a natal male with a far superior athletic advantage over a male; especially done after a certain age. This article will conclude by contending a modification in the current guidelines for depicting whether a transgender should be allowed to participate.


Dangerous New Identity.


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