Sally-Anne Beverley @BeverleySal @sheffielduni


Sally-Anne Beverley is “currently writing a dissertation on radical feminist disconnects with trans* persons regarding women only spaces.”   She claims that the University Of Sheffield, where she is attending, “is not promoting or accepting the idea that feminists are uniquely at risk to psychological harm over this issue (i.e., the ability of women to create women-only space).”  She states that the University “agrees” with her “that trans persons are at higher risk from the study as a group on the whole” and that “(t)he majority of radical feminists have not received threats from trans persons.”

Beverley seems woefully ignorant of the amount of abuse Women have endured from Transwomen for asserting a boundary based on sex. You can read her comments here. She seems biased in favor of Men’s Rights, reaching out to Christopher Makin, a man who identifies as a woman who regularly harasses Women on social media, and @THEWILDESTSEA, a heterosexual woman partnered to a man who identifies as a woman.

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Outline of purposes and methodology of research to be given to participant prior to research.


One thought on “Sally-Anne Beverley @BeverleySal @sheffielduni

  1. As ridiculous and – no doubt- skewed as this project is, in a strange way it makes me just a little bit optimistic. Probably just a few years ago, radical feminism wouldn’t even have been on anyone’s radar enough to warrant this kind of ‘concerned’ research.


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