Janet Mock @janetmock & Piers Morgan @piersmorgan

hahaPiers Morgan is the latest celebrity to learn that if you don’t support a man’s delusion, you will be called a transphobe. For the record, Janet Mock actually is still a man. “Redefining Realness” to mean “everyone tell me the lies I believe about myself” is Orwellian indeed.  Specifically, Janet Mock is angry that Piers Morgan said he “used to be a boy,” even though Janet Mock described himself in the same way in a 2011 Marie Claire article titled “I Was Born A Boy.”

Pretty men.

Pretty men.

hahahahahaCNN Transcript.

Transgender Advocate Janet Mock_ Piers Morgan _Sensationalized_ My Story.

Twitter _ piersmorgan_ Being transgender doesn’t give ...

Twitter _ janetmock_ Me + @Lavernecox’s reaction ...

Woman Discusses Her Gender Reassignment – Transsexual Woman Janet Mock – Marie Claire.

Woman Discusses Her Gender Reassignment – Transsexual Woman Janet Mock – Marie Claire.


4 thoughts on “Janet Mock @janetmock & Piers Morgan @piersmorgan

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  2. This is an excellent article from genderfatigue.com. Mock was such a cute little boy. “Transitioning” this sweet little boy was preferred to letting him grow up to be an effeminate, gay man. So, off Mock went to Thailand were the surgery is supposed to be cheap. If Mock lived in Iran, the Iranian government would have paid for the surgery.

    Great picture of Mock. Mock was a sweet looking boy.


  3. I love this paragraph:

    “Things got better for Gays Like Us, for a while, as the “Gay Rights Movement” took off. But something happened on the way to Gay Liberation – Gender Identity happened. And us Girly Gay Men and Butch Lesbians all slowly realized that the things that Made Us Seem Gay as children now made us easy targets of both homophobic parents and a conservative culture that demands that we torture our perfect, healthy bodies to conform to what “a Man must look like” or “a Woman must look like.”



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