Miles Sisk @aroundO @miles_sisk (USA)

Miles SiskMiles Sisk is a man who serves in the School Senate at the University of Oregon. He has proposed a resolution (below) that defames renowned radical feminist Lierre Keith. Men’s Rights Activists have targeted Keith, who is scheduled to speak at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference next month, because of her views on gender.  In so doing, Sisk demonstrates that he believes, like many Men’s Rights Activists, that Women do not have a right to organize as Women or create women-only space.  He also shows disregard of the safety of Women who have been repeatedly targeted by violent men for advocating for Women.

Lierre Keith Resolution.




2 thoughts on “Miles Sisk @aroundO @miles_sisk (USA)

  1. “WHEREAS these policies and practices exclude people based on their gender identity and gender expression and create an unsafe space for transgender people”

    this is like blackmail. “don’t let this person practice free speech on our campus or, according to queer politics, trans folk will be unsafe! who KNOWS what’ll happen! spontaneous combustion? plague???”


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