Trans Activists @miss_sudo & @sophiaphotos

Sophia “Daryl” Banks and Dana Lane “David” Taylor are transgender activists who prioritize harassing Women who seek to have discussions about sex, gender and gender identity.  Here, they accuse feminist and writer Gia Milinovich of transphobia for having a discussion on whether there is a trans gene. You can read the entire discussion here.

This is an example of how transgender activists operate in bad faith.


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Here is what I actually said (with image, tweets) · giagia · Storify.


One thought on “Trans Activists @miss_sudo & @sophiaphotos

  1. They’re so stupid if they think we’re going to buy their manipulative tactics. And of course they’re telling feminists what to do. So new. Could it be possible just to, I don’t know, ignore them ?


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