Copeland v. Ferrell (USA)

curtisCurtis Gene Copeland is a high risk child sex offender who exposed himself to a girl. He now claims he is transgender and is suing the Texas prison system for its failure to provide him with treatment for gender dysphoria.


COPELAND,CURTIS GENE _ TxDPS Sex Offender Registry _ TxDPS Sex Offender Registry.

Copeland v. Ferrell.




One thought on “Copeland v. Ferrell (USA)

  1. “I feel like a woman and to prove it I am going to show this little girl my penis.” This is a fucking pervert who has so objectified women as sexually desirable that he wants to be one. He wants to have his penis inverted so that he will be perpetually fucking himself 24/7/52 for the rest of his unnatural life.


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