.@BryonieBaxter Griffith v. Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre (Canada)


Bryonie Baxter, the executive director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa, a charity that intends to serve the interests of females in prison, will file a human rights complaint on a man’s behalf over how police and workers at the jail handled his detention.  ​Katlynn Griffith of Cornwall was arrested on a domestic assault charge.   News accounts do not note who his victim is. Griffith, who is male but identifies as a woman, was sent to the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre and placed in a holding cell with four men.  Baxter apparently finds this problematic.  Baxter does not note the problem posed for actual females who are forced to share a cell with a man.

Transgender woman to file complaints over jail placement – Ottawa – CBC News.


One thought on “.@BryonieBaxter Griffith v. Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre (Canada)

  1. “Gender identity” laws in Canada were the real underlying reason why Christopher, “Jessica”, Hambrook was allowed to sexually assault women in two different women’s shelters in Toronto. What was “Jessica” Hambrook even doing in a women’s shelter? Reading about this enraged me, and it still makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about the abused and fragile women who were living in the shelters.


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