Cajon Valley Union School District (USA)

Cajon Valley Union School District  in California has posted a Transgender Student Requirements (AB 1266) FAQ in response to the passage of A.B. 1266.


One thought on “Cajon Valley Union School District (USA)

  1. “For many years, Cajon Valley educators have been handling this in a delicate, thoughtful and
    compassionate manner; that will continue.”

    By “compassionate manner”, they mean compassion for everyone except for female students. For people unfamiliar with AB1266, it amends education code that was historically designed to address discrimination based on sex. So, they essentially eviscerate all privacy rights of female students by crapping all over Section 221.5 that earlier feminists fought so hard for. It’s like raping the privacy rights of females by shitting all over what women have fought for. Basically, this is the way it reads. The way it’s tacked onto the end of Section 221.5 it looks as if sex as a distinct class of persons is being erased.

    AB1266 is only 37 words. No documentation is required. They don’t even have to tell their parents.

    AB1266 was authored by two males, and males still make up the majority of state senators and state assembly persons.


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