.@google #IWD2013

oppressionFor International Women’s Day, Google posted a Doodle that featured women on a broad spectrum of locations, ages, and races, speaking different languages, engaging in various activities, and occupying an array of roles. Included in the montage are two US-based Men who identify as Women: child prostitution supporter Janet Mock and Cecilia Chung, San Francisco Health Commissioner.

VIDEO_ Google spotlights trans advocates Janet Mock and Cecilia Chung on International Women’s Day _ GLAAD.


3 thoughts on “.@google #IWD2013

  1. International Womens’ Day apparently means ‘International Mens’ Day too’ according to Google. Men have to be visible all the time even when they are impersonating women.


  2. Janet Mock and his “underground railroad” of resources into child prostitution. If it weren’t such a serious subject it would be hilarious. This is Janet Mock’s mind at work.

    “A sense of community, sisterhood, resiliency, resources, strength. It was like our underground railroad of resources to navigate a system not built for us. And for me that’s what sex work gave me.”



  3. Apparently, even if you are born with a penis, you can be a woman too!

    You can purchase womanhood for the cost of breast augmentation or facial feminization surgery.

    You can even turn your penis inside out or remove part of your colon to fashion a “REAL” vagina!

    Or, like so many, you can be validated as a woman by simply entering a Woman’s Restroom.


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