Andi Dier @DeerCr0ssing & @irishtimespubny

andiAndi Dier is a man who lives with his parents on Long Island. Dier identifies “as a woman.” He claims that The Irish Times pub’s security staff in Holbrook, New York discriminated against him by noticing that his state issued driver’s permit didn’t look like the way he presented himself at the pub. Presumably, his license has a photo similar to the photo above, but Dier looked more like this:


According to Dier:

“I had makeup on. I patiently explained that I was transgender. In response, the staff condescendingly told me, “… that’s your fault.” Demanding that I come back with a new I.D. But this card was not expired. I haven’t had any surgery. And they wouldn’t have told a cisgender girl that her I.D. was invalid simply because she decided to sport makeup that night which she hadn’t previously photographed. This is a clear issue of discrimination.

When I tried asking for the manager the staff not only ignored my request; they violently slammed me against the wall when I was not attempting to advance any further into the building. One of them, bearing three times more weight, kept charging at me with untempered fury; breaking the door behind him. This was after I requested their names and upon noticing my phone in hand they attempted to steal and smash it.”

Dier seems to have his own issues with managing his temper, as earlier this year, he relentlessly trolled the Facebook page of Cathy Brennan with misogynistic comments, despite repeated requests to stop.


Dier posted the following audio clips on SoundCloud, which do not shed further light.

Dier also claims that the pub staff intentionally misgendering him as a “he.”

Andi Dier’s Tumblr Account of Being Discriminated Against.

The usual suspects have now taken to social media to rail against the pub:

  • DON’T EAT HERE the restaurant is run by bigots who allow bouncers to discriminate against LGBT individuals and ATTACK them if they ask to speak to managers. These place is the absolute worst!
  • Transphobic bigots. LGBTQ and allies stay clear.
  • Bigoted scum and it smells
  • what a waste. go somewhere else!
  • Not LGBT friendly, aggressive security.
  • Severely unprofessional conduct of staff. As a previous club manager, I’m not only disappointed in their staff behaviour, but disgusted at their treatment of patrons and frankly illegal actions.As an Irish trans lass, this place is a mockery of a sham and a sham of a mockery. You’d be doing St Patricks Day proud by drinking in a different venue that holds closer to Irish traditions of family and good times… like MacDonalds…
  • Sucks. Bunch of bigots and the clientele end up drunk at the Holbrook Diner. Stay away.
  • Do not step foot in this place. It employs (and therefore I can only assume is run by) willfully ignorant people who are incredibly unaccepting of that which they do not know or understand. To say that my sister was mistreated is a HUGE understatement. It makes me so sick that people can get away with stuff like this. Coming to this place just shows your support for discrimination. Get your beer elsewhere.
  • Run my bigots. Avoid at all costs

6 thoughts on “Andi Dier @DeerCr0ssing & @irishtimespubny

  1. “they wouldn’t have told a cisgender girl that her I.D. was invalid simply because she decided to sport makeup that night ” I like how he makes it an issue about make-up.(make-up : cis-privilege !) As if he didn’t know that his I.D. was considered invalid “simply” because it mentioned a penis and he decided he had none that night.


  2. You wanna talk shit about my buddy Andi? I hope someday you’ll get harassed on your way into a bar when all you want to do is have a few drinks on a Saturday night. What’s your malfunction, Brennan?


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